Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Projects

When my kids are at their dad's for the weekend, I either completely ridiculously relax or get really productive - these sunny days make me want to get things done! Started a sewing project with all props given to Joanie for the great idea of t-shirts to skirts - love it!
Rescued Reed's way-cool lion batik that was literally dissentigrating from age, but zig-zag stitching it to an otherwise fairly boring shirt of his:
Drove to my new favorite honey spot to stock up on local honey for making mead:
Gotta love the honor system:

I went to a friends house to borrow her serger (!!!) and saw this sign on the way:
yum! they're BEAUTIFUL!!!
When the boys were away for Easter, they didn't get to do an Easter Egg hunt. So we were given some plastic eggs which we hid over and over again last week. Then Friday, Clay said, "So, when are going to do the REAL egg hunt?? The one with candy!" ugh! I thought we were good with just the hunt - haha! Before I picked them up from their dad's today, goodie-filled eggs were ready to be found!

The T-shirt skirt - I think it turned out crazy cute! Elastic is even reused from the green bed sheet fabric... Happy Earth Day!

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Deedee said...

Love your blog!
Did you use a tutorial or pattern for that skirt? I've tried making two skirts like this and both have been epic fails. I'm willing to try a third time if I can come across an easy-to-understand pattern. :o)
Merci Bien,

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