Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Here's a random shot Reed took of himself - I thought it was pretty darn cute, and that's my only excuse for posting it :)

The boys are with their Gram & Papoo staying in a hotel in Asheville for a couple days - a super special treat for them, as they love their grandparents, they love hotels, and they love to not have to drive out of town. I miss 'em of course, and am also savoring these last few times I'll have good chunks of no-kid time... Because in a couple months, even when the boys are gone, we'll have a new little squirmy lovey bundle in the house to keep up occupied!

Now if I can only get motivated to actually do something productive...

Edited ::: Thought I'd share the cute photo Gram just sent of the boys and Papoo in the hotel pool - nice!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I do believe this was one of the loveliest Christmases we've had in a while. First of all, it's dumping snow outside, and still coming down! We decided to take the present part out of Christmas. Of course the kids would be super sad if there were no presents at all, so we just did them a few days before Christmas. That way Christmas day can be about family and LOVE and not about "stuff".

We woke up Christmas morning to lots of fresh snow!

We stuffed ourselves with eggs, bacon, oranges and homemade cinnamon rolls ... yum! We kept the woodstove going all day while the boys watched movies, cut snowflakes and drew pictures next to the warmth of the fire.

Reed worked on his new puzzle:

We had wanted to go see a movie at the theater, but didn't trust the road conditions. We did have lots of fun building snowmen and sledding ramps in the yard! Hopefully we'll go see that movie today (writing this on the 26th). We got more snow last night, and here's the view out the front window as I write this (looks like someone wants to come in from the cold!)...

Stay warm everyone! Love, Julie and the boys

Wintery Goodness

A couple weeks ago, we got our first snow. We had our friends Shonna and Leah over and made some graham cracker houses and played in the new snow. Thanks to Shonna for all the great snow play photos!

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