Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Here's a random shot Reed took of himself - I thought it was pretty darn cute, and that's my only excuse for posting it :)

The boys are with their Gram & Papoo staying in a hotel in Asheville for a couple days - a super special treat for them, as they love their grandparents, they love hotels, and they love to not have to drive out of town. I miss 'em of course, and am also savoring these last few times I'll have good chunks of no-kid time... Because in a couple months, even when the boys are gone, we'll have a new little squirmy lovey bundle in the house to keep up occupied!

Now if I can only get motivated to actually do something productive...

Edited ::: Thought I'd share the cute photo Gram just sent of the boys and Papoo in the hotel pool - nice!

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