Monday, March 15, 2010

Memphis & Nashville Trippin

This last week, we spent visiting the boys' dad's side of the family in Memphis, TN. With the detour from the rock slide, it was a good 10 hour drive, but no worries, because I broke down and bought this:
haha! got a fair deal on a portable DVD player at the pawn shop. It helped the hours go by :) And since it has a wall plug, I'm now debating to ditch our TV (which is only used for movies) and just have this??

We are in the middle of the Percy Jackson & The Olympians book series. In the movie (not in the book, strangely), the characters went to the Parthenon in Nashville, TN. So, *of course* we had to stop and see this! It was pretty neat, though I wasn't too pleased with the admittance fees. There was a giant statue of Athena inside, the entire thing is made to scale of the original Greek Parthenon. It was built for a Tennessee Centennial celebration about 100 years ago, and was actually built as a temporary structure, as part of a fair. It was rebuilt to be permanent... the kids dug it.

Reed chasing pigeons at the Centennial Park, outside the Parthenon, while Clay went skateboarding:
So, we got to Memphis and the boys were so excited to see their cousins! They have 3 and we decided to have their photos done at walmart for their Gram's upcoming birthday... we took tons of silly photos to warm them up for the real thing. I don't have any copies of the real ones, but here's the general idea of the silliness - boys and their cousin Grant:
I spent most of my time in Memphis going to their amazing thrift stores! Here's Reed modeling a few choice costume selections:
Here's the boys cute new cousin, Clark - total mama's boy and so sweet!
Clay & Grant wrestling on their last night together:

Thanks Betty, Lynn, Holly, Alex, Elizabeth & Brian for your hospitality, food, transportation, car knowledge and general patience with our crew. Come visit Asheville soon!

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