Friday, November 9, 2012

Stop Motion Animation

Check out Reed's first Stop Motion Animation film, he made all by himself.  Extra points for having to ward off a curious toddler during the making of the project.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Harvesting the Sweet Potatoes

The cold nights and chilly days have signaled the definite end to Summer.  For the gardens it means to get Summer goodies all out of the ground and get Fall plants started.  Due to my general laziness this year and pre-occupation keeping up with a toddler, we only put in garlic and kale.  B did get in about 200 garlic plants, and I added about 50 more of a couple different varieties - yum!

Remember those sweet potato slips I started in my kitchen last Spring?  They went nuts when I planted them in the garden.  I had to prune them back out of the walkways weekly!  The leaves finally started to get brittle from the cold, so time to pull them up!

The harvest needs to cure for a minute in the shade before they are brought indoors for storage.

ZB wasn't quite ready to finish working, though...

When I finished the harvest and went in to make lunch, B surprised me with the very last garden-ripe tomato of the season - we savored it!  Oh, I'm going to miss those!  The wimpy greenhouse ones in the grocery store lack nearly any flavor, so I pretty much go without buying fresh tomatoes all Winter... boo.
I thought I'd add some other photos that were on my camera today.  This is one of the best ways I know to keep the girl still (at least long enough to change a diaper).  If I've got my camera handy, she'll grab it and turn it on, so I make sure to snap some photos of her so she'll have something to look at, and get excited saying, "Baby! Baby! Ma!"  Here ya go - cute baby very patiently waiting for me to hand the camera over to her :)

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