Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Fall!

As always Fall time finds Blossom constantly changing her mind about Halloween costume choice.  After she described the dress she wanted me to make for her (fur-lined, no less), and I looked at my busy October calendar, we decided to google "easy homemade costumes" and she quickly found an idea she loved.
And she could help make it herself!  I bought a dress and leggings from (so that they can be reused for regular clothes after the holiday).  Blossom was excited to sew the leaf sleeves by herself.  We hot-glued a headband together and voila!  Presenting the "Hot Pink Azalea Blossom":
Here she is with her trick-or-treat crew ready to hit the streets:
This was the first year she was really into Halloween.  She ran up to each house, remembering very well all of her trick-or-treating manners :)

We had our annual homeschool Halloween party, and unfortunately, Blossom got sick about 10 minutes before it was time to leave, so stayed home with Dad.  Reed did go and had a blast, though!
Reed also had a much more complicated costume in mind, but he was out of town this month and couldn't find enough time to make it happen, so he created this Shy Guy costume (a character from Mario video game) from a nightgown and hoodie from Goodwill, and a paper plate and fabric scraps.  Turned out pretty great for a last-minute costume!
And here's Reed with his whole crew before they hit the streets!  This may be his last Halloween of Trick-or-treating, I'm glad he's still doing it ... I love these kids!

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