Sunday, February 1, 2009


I actually cried during the inauguration - i was SO excited!! We went to the Asheville Pizza & Brew right near the house for the event - it was jam packed. They have not only a bar, arcade, seating area, but a movie theater with booths and tables for eating. We went to the movie theater room and crammed in on the floor with Leah and her mama Shonna. My photos didn't turn out well, so the photos posted get full credit from the Mountain Xpress newspaper.

So many things make me joyful about this presidency - not only that Americans finally can see past race, but also that he's actually going to start our country going in the right direction after the mess our last president made. I'm so happy to actually be proud to be an American instead of embarrassed, and happy to see the same in other people, that FINALLY the American flag is something to celebrate :)

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