Wednesday, May 3, 2017

This 6 Year Old!

 This little lady is the sweetest thing!  Here we are the park, ZB in her slip (or as she calls it "the fanciest dress ever!")
We were at this park so that she could practice her new skill ... riding her bike without training wheels!!
Of course with Bobby there to help if needed...
A friend just gave her a bunch of post-it notes and she had the brilliant idea to make her own photo album.  She even asked all of the family to draw their own "photo" hahah!  Not all participated, but I love that she included not only the chickens, but also our cat and the feral cat that comes by and visits every so often (she's named him Ryan).
She included some vacation pages, too.  One was a trip to the beach.
We just finished up the Spring semester of Homeschool Co-op.  Our preschool class celebrated by making art with shaving cream.  Which of course turned into body painting with shaving cream!
Love this silly, creative kid!

Airbnb Test Run

We got the house entirely ready for Airbnb!! Lots of hard work and planning went into this project that's been consuming our lives in the last months.  This included Bobby building a new room in our house as well as doing lots (and lots) of smaller fixer-upper projects.  We're hoping it will pay off this Summer when we take a 2 month trip to the West coast and rent our house out on Airbnb.  Here's the listing if you want to check it out:

To sort of "test the waters" with Airbnb, we did a little practice run.  We rented the house out and took a trip to the beach for the weekend!
First, my brother and his sweet wife offered to have Reed and ZB for the weekend.  Bobby and I haven't gone on a trip sans kids since before ZB was born!
While the kids had fun cousin time, Bobby and I had a relaxing time camping near the South Carolina beach. 

Perfect timing, as the bugs weren't out yet and the water & air temps were perfect!  We visited touristy Folly Beach, but more enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palm.
We loved getting a break from the house work.  The beach even sent us home with this great souvenir!

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