Sunday, December 18, 2016

Blossom's Little Things

The boys flew off to California this week to spend Christmas break with their Dad.  It is very weird not having them home - so quiet, so little food being eaten, you get the picture!  We really do miss them a lot, and I know they're having a fabulous vacation!
At the airport at 6:00 am:

Here at home, Blossom is pretty much non-stop with the silly cuteness!  She made this concoction and placed it on the kitchen counter with a straw in it, where it's sat for a couple days now.
But beware!  It's actually a trap for robbers!!  If you do get confused and think about drinking it, Blossom has made a precautionary sign to place next to it:
Today, Bobby hard-boiled a bunch of eggs, and asked her to make a little mark on each of them so we we know they are hard-boiled.  This is what she returned to him:

Love it!

The holidays are keeping me busy with childcare in the home, and Blossom is thrilled to have friends over so often!  I just hit a deer with my van, so the car-repair costs keep coming at me, and I'm grateful for this extra holiday work right now with so much childcare.
This week has found us doing a lot of simple crafts for the season, like salt dough ornaments (and play cookies, as they ended up becoming)...

Love to all, hope you have a fun holiday!

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