Thursday, March 30, 2017

6 Year Old Birthday Girl!

Look who turned 6 years old!
ZB graciously shared her birthday seat with a little friend who scooted in when the cake was brought out!

For her 6th birthday party, she chose a Princess theme.  We made princess crafts and played a princess version of the Statues game. 

She has never been a fan of cake, so I made this ice cream cake with raspberries on top!
Love this little girl!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

ZB's First Lost Tooth!

ZB had a big (and much anticipated) moment at a friend's birthday party last weekend.  She lost her first tooth!  ZB ran to find me with a bloody smile proclaiming the achievement.  We cleaned up the blood and she showed off her new gap to all her buddies.

Unfortunately, on the ride home, the tooth was dropped and we couldn't find it again.  ZB dictated this note to leave for the Tooth Fairy:
Fortunately, the Tooth Fairy was understanding and left these little treasures!

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