Saturday, May 21, 2016


First off, Clay Odyssey of the Mind team successfully raised $8400 to get to Iowa!!
The kids and parents helped equally.  We had many great donations and business sponsors.  We held a massive yard sale, did some restaurant fundraisers, and the kids took on lots of yard work jobs.  Just in time, we leave for Iowa on Monday!

All that fundraising over the last two months kept us quite busy!  In addition, I started doing in-home childcare again.
We pulled Blossom out of her sweet preschool a couple months ago.  It was just too many kids for her to be comfortable.  She does much better in small groups.  Several of her little friends' families were happy to join us for childcare, and we've made a few new friends as well!
And it really is wonderful to see Blossom having such great days, and having all the fun energy in the house again!
So, this last month has been filled up with not only fundraising and homeschooling, we've had preschoolers over nearly every day!  Building forts, making sandbox creations, doing arts and crafts and generally just enjoying the freedom of being kids!
Blossom has loved having friends come over each day and getting to spend so much time at home.  She seems to really be a home-body - taking after Bobby, not me, that's for sure!  But these sweet moments are ones I'm sure to cherish :)
Love to all!  I'll probably write next from Iowa!

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