Saturday, May 21, 2016


First off, Clay Odyssey of the Mind team successfully raised $8400 to get to Iowa!!
The kids and parents helped equally.  We had many great donations and business sponsors.  We held a massive yard sale, did some restaurant fundraisers, and the kids took on lots of yard work jobs.  Just in time, we leave for Iowa on Monday!

All that fundraising over the last two months kept us quite busy!  In addition, I started doing in-home childcare again.
We pulled Blossom out of her sweet preschool a couple months ago.  It was just too many kids for her to be comfortable.  She does much better in small groups.  Several of her little friends' families were happy to join us for childcare, and we've made a few new friends as well!
And it really is wonderful to see Blossom having such great days, and having all the fun energy in the house again!
So, this last month has been filled up with not only fundraising and homeschooling, we've had preschoolers over nearly every day!  Building forts, making sandbox creations, doing arts and crafts and generally just enjoying the freedom of being kids!
Blossom has loved having friends come over each day and getting to spend so much time at home.  She seems to really be a home-body - taking after Bobby, not me, that's for sure!  But these sweet moments are ones I'm sure to cherish :)
Love to all!  I'll probably write next from Iowa!

Friday, April 22, 2016

World Finals is Happening!!

Clay's Odyssey of the Mind team has advanced to the World Finals for the 3rd and final year.  Not only did they place first at the Regional and State competitions, they also won the Renatra Fusca award at States.

Renatra Fusca is the highest honor a team can earn by extreme creative problem solving!  Way to go out with a bang on their final year!!

The vehicle they designed is powered by a swing!  So cool!

  Clay and his team mates have worked so darn hard on the project, and now are working tirelessly to earn the money to get to the World Finals.  They have raised $2000 so far, and still have $6000 to raise by the end of May.  They are doing boatloads of yard work around town, putting on a yard sale, having multiple fundraising dinners, etc.  But every year, our biggest fundraiser is just getting donations from family and friends.... like YOU!

I do so appreciate anything you can give to help out these awesome kids.  I am so proud of them!!  To donate, just use the donate button on this website:

Thank you!!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Fun for Spring!

Spring is settling in, and with the goodbye to the puppies comes a hello to new chicks!  ZB was too excited!  She picked them out herself this year from the garden store.  She thinks they are regular play toys, and this is what happened as I was setting up their brooder box!
 We also got a fun new addition to the yard.  I had no idea these climbing domes were made for home use until a friend of mine bought a smaller one.  Bobby and Clay had it assembled in just a few hours, and the kids LOVE it!  Looking forward to many years of use out of this fun climber.

Friday, April 1, 2016

5 Year Old ZB!

Zion Blossom turned 5 years old this week!  She's only been looking forward to it and planning the party for 11 months now.  She started the morning with birthday breakfast (requested waffles and bananas this year) and present opening!
Even a new bike arrived from Grandma, which was immediately adorned with the new basket and bell from Sissa and taken for a ride!
Cake was homemade ice cream cake from vanilla and mint chocolate chip with whipped cream topping.  She wanted to decorate with strawberries, fresh mint leaves and rainbow sprinkles...
Blossom had a few friends over to help celebrate and had a most lovely day!

When uploaded these photos on my computer, I found that the teenagers had gotten hold of my camera after the birthday party!!  Some of the photos were obnoxious (okay, most), but this sweet one was on there of Clay and his girlfriend Bella. So cute that I had to share!

Puppy Party

We've had two of the cutest weeks here!  We fostered 2 brother puppies from the local shelter.  They were 6 weeks old when abandoned, and can't be adopted until 8 weeks old.  The kids named them Mikey & Curry. 

They were absolute snuggle bundles and occupied much of our time (how can you get work done when a puppy needs to play?!?)
 Bath day!
 We were sad to return them to the shelter.  However, knowing how quickly puppies are adopted there, I doubt they even spent the night at the shelter before finding their forever homes!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mighty Wind

We had a terrific wind storm here in WNC!  I was honestly a bit afraid to bring ZB to her preschool, as it's held in cloth yurt in the forest!  She fared fine, of course.  The real issue was our own property.
As we were getting ready to head out in the morning, this cedar split off one of it's trunks.  We're so thankful that the worst it did was crush a fence!  And this makes excellent firewood, so that's always good.
About an hour later, one of our hemlocks came down.
This one went right into the neighbor's yard, taking down a few lines on it's way.  The fire department came out and cut it out of the neighbor's driveway and the power company repaired the line quickly.  Bobby and that neighbor spent the next couple hours sawing and clearing the rest of it.
The rest of the day was spent hauling that wood to the back yard, and sawing up the cedar that was down in the back.  Another neighbor came over and helped out with that job, which was so sweet!  We are blessed to have such great neighbors!

Even with 2 chainsaws working, ZB was quite content to gather cedar berries in her basket, and climb the piles of brush!
Today, the wind settled down.  We had a fantastic bonfire with a lot of the hemlock.  I cooked dinner on the fire, and we even got to stay out for hours and enjoy the night as a fresh coat of snow came down around us!

Friday, January 29, 2016


So, when NC gets any amount of snow, people are terrified of it.  Schools shut down for flurries.  This 7-1/2" of snow was called Snowpocalypse! hahaha!  We all had a great time in it!

ZB named big chunks of snow "snow rocks" and delighted in collecting them.
We walked down the street to a church that has a pretty good hill and took our sled for some rides.
Even Bobby got in on the snowy action!
After a couple days of falling powdery snow, we had a sunny day with nice packable snow.  Yep, this is a SnowLady.  ZB insisted on making the boobs herself!
I know other states were hit harder than we were, but I hope everyone enjoyed these snowy days!

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