Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Connect The Pox

Finally the boys got chicken pox!! We choose not to vaccinate, so this is a big deal for the kids to get it & get their immunity to it before they become teens. We've tried to expose them several times, but it never took. They now got it from the homeschool supplement classes they attend once a week. They started showing spots right when they got home from the hotel with their grandparents. Both boys had relatively mild cases (compared to some of the horror stories I've heard!). Reed had about 2 sick feeling days, and is not still spotty, but feeling back to his usual crazy self. Clay was hit a bit harder than Reed, and had 3 days of feeling pretty lousy, and today is just taking it easy. Both boys were excited to get new DS games out of the deal :)

I attribute their mild cases of CP to having them go to acupuncture. Neither boy had done it before and I didn't think they would follow through - but we went an AWESOME local acupuncture clinic who was wonderful with the kids and they sat through it like champs! The acupuncturist sent us home with a chinese immune building tincture. Taking that along with a homemade essential oil lotion for the itches seemed to keep it manageable. We're all glad it's over and done with, and the boys still have some good spots to show for it...

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Anonymous said...

They are so lucky! It is getting late in the game for my kiddos to get it naturally.

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