Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

The weather was so lovely - I know it won't last, but it was a really nice break from all the gray skies! 2 days ago, I took the boys and their friend to Greenville to go ice skating and to a fun playground (okay, and so I could shop at Trader Joe's :). I've started using a program called swagbucks, where I got a great coupon to go ice skating, so it was super cheap! The kids had a blast, and I even got some skating time in!

Then we headed to the playground next to the zoo - it's a really fun playground, plus you randomly get to hear monkeys making a racket in the background :)

Yesterday we actually spent indoors at an indoor skate park birthday party. The boys, of course, had a great time!

I'm glad it's looking like another beautiful day today, as I have some outdoor projects I'd like to work on ... and I'd like to just soak up some sunshine before it disappears behind gray winter skies again!

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