Sunday, April 25, 2010

All Go West

Saturday started out pretty sunny, got some nearly-too-pretty-to-crack-open eggs from a friend

and admired the random selection of sprouts soaking up sun (peanuts and baby corn, anyone?)

We headed to West Asheville for the All Go West Fest, that ended up getting rained out and relocated to neighborhood indoor venues. But the kids had some fun in the rain!
Extreme Hopskotch:
Walked through one of the coolest public gardens in Asheville

Even rainy weather is fun to play in... I did feel bad for this band. It's Brushfire Stankgrass, they were pretty rockin. Unfortunately, most people left from the rain.
Can't wait for more festivals and trips that warm weather will bring. LEAF is in only a couple weeks!!! Hope everyone's enjoying Spring...
Love ~ Julie

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momma rae said...

please tell me what garden that is! we are camping at leaf this year. i am so excited!!

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