Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Hiking

The only way I can convince my youngins to go on a hike is if there's water involved. Am I alone here? So, typically hiking in cold weather is out. Thanks to global warming, after a harsh Winter, Spring has hit with a vengeance and is was in the 80's last week! We loaded up the Previa (literally, 5 kids) and went to Bent Creek to have a nice water-inclusive hike:

A very cool thing about this hike, is after about 20 minutes, you end up at Lake Powhattan. Apparently lots of other people had the same idea of going for hike, and then it was so stinkin hot they all jumped in the lake with their clothes on!

Finally, Easter! I'm not a huge fan of any holiday that promotes commercialism, to be honest. The kids had Easter at their Dad's house this year, which was perfectly fine with me :) But before they left, Reed made this cool old-school Easter Basket. I have pictures of me with the same one when I was about 4 or 5. You need a plastic milk jug (time to raid other people's recycling bins), and construction paper and glue. Reed, being the free-thinker he is, didn't want any pink on his bunny, so it ended up with black and white ears, black nose, and a red cyclops eye. haaha! Here he is working and snacking on the candies that his Gram & Papoo sent (thank you!!!)

I spent my weekend relaxing sans kids - went to see Godspell with my guy, then we went to Pisgah Brewery to see Everton Blender singing his old-school reggae, while we sat on the patio around the bonfire drinking local brews - good stuff! Happy Spring!

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