Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Gray day outside = creative day inside ... I've been baking all our own bread products for a while lately (crackers, sandwich bread, roll, pizza, tortillas, etc.). My friend Amanda lent me this great book to give me some new ideas - it's pretty fabulous! It's the idea of making a very moist dough that can sit in your fridge for a couple weeks and you can pull a bit off and make beautiful breads anytime. (scroll down to see a pic of the beautiful bread I made!)
Got a great curb score this weekend - I actually almost bought one of these from the thrift a couple weeks ago :) Just a perfect size for the early toddlers.
New bean tee-pee with Jacob's Cattle Beans.
Reed's lucky day! I am a member of an online survey company that occasionally sends out surveys in the mail and usually sends cash in the envelope. This was the first one for one of the kids. Reed was all too happy to actually get paid a two-dollar bill for doing a survey about gum and candy! If anyone reading would like to join this company's website, comment or email me and I'll hook you up with the link (of course I not only get paid for surveys but for referrals :)
Reed was on a money high and decided to do some chores to get some more cash (he has an actual payday on Fridays and a tally of chores, all optional, posted on the wall). He's saving for a LEGO set right now, i think *sigh*
Oh my goodness - this bread is SO beautiful - the picture doesn't do it any justice! This is officially my new favorite bread cookbook.
It was perfect for dinner, accompanying an egg scramble with portobellas mushrooms, garlic, feta and spinach ... yum!!
and to leave on a pretty note - my fella is so good to me ~~

Much love ~ Julie


Ren said...

I came here from the comment you left at my blog and was surprised to find this post, about the book all my unschooling friends have been raving about. I've looked at it twice and decided to find it used instead. Love your blog!

TaraChristiane said...

I've read so many great things about that bread book. I really need to get it in my library queue and give it a try. Such lovely flowers...

momma rae said...

i am interested in the survey gig. i have looked into some of these type things before and they just seemed like scams. tell me more...

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