Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Work Day

Beautiful Friday morning! I have no childcare work today which is pretty rare. Many projects to be done around the house tho. I've been doing lots of manual labor sawing and digging and building with garden projects so will be happy to toil around the house for a day.

Here's the completed pea trellis. I may find more twigs are needed, but I think this will do. Made from overgrown privet hedge and secured with craft wire.
Another greenwood project, the new strawberry patch needed some protecting! Also made from overgrown privet (the stuff is endless!). Secured here and there with finishing nails.
These mushrooms pop up in abundance every single night in one of my garden beds. Anyone know if it means anything? I'm thinking just that everything is good and moist, and hoping it's not an indicator of anything wrong. Not familiar with mushrooms, really.
Happy onions:
Reed will only wear pants year round, he's picky like that. My project for today is to make him some new pairs. I found these at the by-the-pound Goodwill store, they are upholstery samples, and just beautiful! I think I'll make him some crazy pants out of these. I also found some very light-weight green curtains that will make some nice summer pants - I'll probably reinforce the knees with some of the upholstery fabric that has rougher backing.
yes, definitely a project for today is to get the boys to clean their room!
not sure how much luck I'll have with that, since today is electronics day (they get 2 days a week to play computer and DS and such). At least I don't have to listen to that annoying music the DS makes!
Enjoy your weekend ... much love!

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