Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Farm Adventures

I didn't forget that President Obama is in Asheville this week, I just didn't think it was SUCH a big deal ... sheesh... it took us 1/2 hr to go through downtown. The interstate ramps in downtown were blocked, so everyone was smooshed in little tiny downtown. We finally got out of traffic and made it out to Warren Wilson College in Black Mountain.

At the farm we met a few mamas and their new babies - if I had to nurse that many little ones, I'd be making the same face.
But they were so darn cute, some spotty, some brown, some pink ... ahhh ... piglet love...

BIG papa!

Lovely ladies who were very protected by their cock-a-doodling menfolk...
Walked down to the river ... ah, I love where I live, beauty everywhere you look:

Anybody home?
The throne tree:
A big effort for something that's about to be thrown in the water!

Reed trying to surf on the log:
My boys just went home with the other boys in these pics (thanks bryce!). They'll have two sleep-overs in a row, so I can go out early yard-saling tomorrow and have some fun tomorrow night. Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Love, Julie

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organic tribe said...

Your blog is beautiful! My boys had lots of fun at the farm & creek!

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