Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scenes from the day

This is pretty much a typical day for us - I'm a very lucky gal to love what I do all day!

These twin brothers come twice a week for a couple hours and are definitely my boys' favorite youngins to romp around with!
Snack time - oatmeal muffins using leftover oatmeal, with carrots, hemp seeds, and for a special treat (cause mama's craving chocolate today) some chocolate chips :)
A friend came over and brought his DS, since it's the boys' electronics day, this is pretty much what they looked like half the day:
A lovely 9 year old friend came over today and had a blast (and was a great help!) playing with this little cutie:
My personal project today was to do one last greenwood project... It was supposed to look like this:
Not quite as pretty, but still very functional - to cover an incredibly sentimental hosta plant that the kids are unintentionally trampling. (this is a split from the same hosta that's planted on our dog Scarlett's grave - I've transplanted and left a bit of it at 3 houses now)
We're loving the rain and hoping everyone else is revelling in this greening up of nature as well! love, julie


TaraChristiane said...

What a beautiful plant cover! I could also see that wrapped with a flowering vine... Really cool!

Julie said...

Thanks TaraChristiane ~ the hosta is already so thankful for the protection, it's gotten much bigger in a very short amount of time :)

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