Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ramp-riding and Curb Scoring

In the last couple days of Winter, I had planned to take Clay snowboarding with the sweet homeschool discounts offered here. Unfortunately I waited too late, and the week I had planned to go, was the first week the slopes were closed during the week for end-of-season. poo.

I had the day off work, so we went down to Brevard to the Zero Gravity Skatepark. Clay got to take a hour-long private lesson with a great teacher. He learned to drop in on the ramps and to do 180 turns on ramps - very cool :)

Reed skated around during Clay's lesson:

Curb score of the week (and a good one too!!)... A sand/water table. I couldn't believe someone was throwing this out (and no one else had grabbed it yet!). The kids are loving it - even the older ones are having a blast making crazy concoctions in the sand side (which is still water, i'm lazy).

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