Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Weekend

Weekend spent hanging with good friends ...
Julian & Reed destroying the hammock:

Mamas hanging out in Joanie & JJ's rad garden made from wood pallets, and stone patio they made themselves:
Clay & Jeremy backyard skateboarding:
A friend's sweet little daughter and I picked dandelion, wild onions and violets to help out the salad, mixed with some new veggies from the garden:
Noi's homemade veggie burgers & fish on the outdoor grill:
I am happy for yard sale season to be starting up again! I got some great books this weekend of gardening, One on greenwood building. I'm not too good at following instructions, but at least the book gave me inspiration and motivation to build a little trellis for the peas - I used our ever-invasive privet hedge for this:
baby peas poking up:
Much love!

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