Friday, April 16, 2010

Frugal Living: Clothes Boxes

This one's for you Mel :) My friend Melanie has encouraged me to share more frugal living things on my blog to "spread the wealth".

In my day with no childcare youngins today, I'm doing some good house cleaning/organizing which means twice a year to go through the boys clothes. We pull out all the clothes that are outgrown or beat to death. Then go to their "Too Big" Boxes, and refill the drawers. This is where clothes are stored by size for each boy to grow in to. They are labeled with size, and gender if necessary ("G7", "B5", etc.) .

These are all clothes that are hand-me-downs, from yard sales or thrift shops, I won't pay more than $2.00/piece. I will pay more than that very rarely if there's a certain item they really need and I never found. You can shop at yardsales YEARS ahead of what size they are currently in, and you will save lots of money from having to buy things last minute. How many times have I overheard someone at a thrift shop saying "oh that's cute, but it wouldn't fit till next year".

Keep an inventory of what they have/need. It's an easy thing to slip in your purse - a small sheet of paper saying what they need in what size for easy yard sale reference. Make sure to store clothes in a dry place... mine are currently in the garage, have also used attics, closets, sheds, etc.


Another frugal tip for local homeschoolers - Amazing Saving (now with 3 locations!!) has teacher/student discount days on Saturdays. You get 10% off your total (this does not combine with other discounts like the over $50 discount). Tell them you'd like the teacher discount since you homeschool. No proof is needed, they're great people!

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