Thursday, May 27, 2010


These last couple days have been teaching the kids how to hand sew. They did some really cute work, I'm very proud of them!
All the kids first started with a square of felt and a simple applique (a circle, heart, star, etc.)

After everyone figured out simple appliques, the older kids starting making some pretty cute projects - these girls are making doll sleeping bags and pillows:
Clay stitched around a pouch and then decided to hot glue the skull on haha!
The projects from the older group of kids. The left row is Reed's work, the second to left (minus the heart) is Clay's work. They did mostly pouches with velcro closures. The others were done by 4 and 5 year olds. The center one on the second to right row is my fave of the daycare kids'. She made a hanging picture of an owl, who's wings even flap. She made it for her mama :)
And even the littlest ones loved playing in all the embroidery thread and felt, as well as playing with my finished products (tucking in the little mermaid and her construction worker friend :)

Our tadpoles are quickly becoming frogs!
We transferred them to a bigger container, they were looking too cramped
Peonies are filling up the kitchen with their lovely scent!
I just thought the moon was too beautiful shining through the clouds
Clay and his friend Lincoln had fun making skateboarding videos. Here's Lincoln filming Clay doing an acid drop and a power slide:

Looks like it's going to be another beautiful day - we're busy planning out Summer beach trips, birthday parties, festivals and lots of little adventures in between, and of course spending the day outdoors to soak up some sunshine...
Love to all!

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