Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tadpoles & Strawberries & other Springtime Goodness

Our town is getting so many beautiful days! Nice and sunny with rain every couple days to keep the temps cool ~ love love love it! We're able to eat fresh salads from our garden every day:
Today we took a little group of kiddos down to the neighborhood park. A community garden is right next to the playground. Clay made a make-shift net from bamboo, a colander and duct tape, to catch tadpoles with:
It worked pretty good, we caught about 6 frog-babies
The younger kids quickly lost interest in the many attempts at catching tadpoles, and wandered among the strawberries finding a morning snack:
warm, organic, fresh-picked strawberries, and juice stained faces are all so lovely!
We wandered over to the playground where Reed finally figured out how to pump!
And this little guy also was kidnapped from his pond home today. Anyone know what he is? One visitor guessed a dragonfly larvae... I have no idea. I also sent the picture to the non-profit local river conservation folks, so hopefully I'll have some knowledge soon! Also, anyone know what to feed tadpoles? The gal at the pet store had me buy juvenille aquatic turtle pellets, but even tho the tadpoles are large, they can't quite seem to grab the pellets. Okay, here's a pic of our funky new mystery house guest:
Hope everyone's gettin outside and getting to soak up some of this lovely weather!

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