Wednesday, May 19, 2010


sheesh - talk about a long phase. a neighbor gave my kids their first big stash of legos about 5 years ago and the obsession has never stopped. In fact, some of the worst moments for Clay have been when we move and he has to dismantle and pack up these huge creations he's made. Currently, they have a huge storage bin, each boy has a work area (base), and they each have 2 shelves for display. It's madness - but at least it's (mostly) contained to their room :)

This was not the entirety of our day, but I thought I'd provide a glimpse to the activity that consumes a huge portion of their time :)

Boys with their friend Blake:
Reed's newly cleaned/decluttered workspace (and the reason I decided to take photos :)
I just put in some wall shelves for Clay since his work was getting cramped on the regular shelves (on the top shelf is the castle and catapult he made at homeschool co-op toymaking class):
Clay's Base:
project for today was boys were making all-terrain cars:
We have lots more adventures to post, I'm just slacking on remembering to take my camera with me around town!!

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