Thursday, May 13, 2010

Homeschoolin Goodness

Asheville is such a great place to homeschool - the opportunities are endless, the laws are easy to follow, and the community is STRONG!

This week we went down to Pisgah Forest in Brevard to these awesome free classes they have once a month. They have classes for older kids and the younger set, too. They are such enthusiastic instructors, siblings are welcome and I am so grateful this is around! This week's class for the older kids was on archery where they spent hours target shooting and had a great time :)
Reed got in on the action, too:
On Wednesday, we went to The Health Adventure's 'Homeschool Happenings' where the kids learned about robots. I arrived with a nice little crew of 6 kids. 5 of them were in the younger kids class, so unfortunately I couldn't go peek at Clay's class. The kids got to build their own crazy robot creations and zoom them all over the room. These classes are also once a month, and again the teachers are excellent! We are so blessed to have these great resources :)
Reed & friends working away:

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