Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Busy Days

Too busy to get photos up often! Today I started...er... completed a garden space. I actually had made a bean tee-pee for some Jacob's Cattle beans that were a gift from one of my favorite people, and were sent to me in the mail in a plain white envelope :) I didn't realize they were bush beans, not pole, so they did look kinda silly just bushing it up around the tee-pee, laughing at my desire for them to climb on up.

The bamboo was pulled, as well as my make-shift coat-hanger stakes that held down the twine and vines for more bean supports. Now to square off this little space and gain about 20 more square feet of gardening goodness!
And my extra motivation to get this project done is that a great little greenhouse tucked back in the mountains started their clearance sale tonight! Music, free food and free local beer got me right in the mood to buy too many plants :) I came home with a couple flats as well as some bigger pots. Of course if I had a normal size yard instead of the pitiful excuse for one I currently have, I would have bought a ridiculous amount of plants ... haha!

I came home with bell peppers, lavender, rosemary, echinachea, and loads of flowers, as well as some blueberry bushes to be gifted elsewhere. I think I spent $22 total - the clearance sale goes on for a couple more weeks if anyone wants to check it out. The place is Painter's Greenhouse in Old Fort. Most things are $1 or $2. A great way to fill out the garden on the cheap!

I'll post pics of all the goodies I bought in a later entry. For now, I'll just show what the boys and their friends were up to while the grown-ups were shopping: (making lounge chairs in a big pile of dirt ... ahhh, boys.)
And certainly the most exciting event is coming up! Clay is turning 10 tomorrow!! Hard to believe it was 10 years ago... even harder to believe in 6 years he'll have a driver's liscense or in 10 more years he'll be 20! sheesh. too fast. Here's the kitchen table scene beside me waiting for Clay to wake up in the morning. It's after midnite now and he's still in bed mumbling that he's too excited to sleep. aww, I love that kid.

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