Monday, June 28, 2010

New Garden

We're not buying any bread products these days except for the occassional box of $1.99 organic cereal from the scratch n dent store. The problem is my kids don't like my homemade sandwich bread, but fortunately they don't eat sandwiches very often. So most sandwiches are make-shift and served on things like homemade tortillas, or like today's lunch, on a leftover homemade waffle:
Reed and Leah decided they *needed* to collect unripe walnuts from the black walnut tree to make crafts out of. I have no objections, since I don't know anything else to do with the things besides make a garden not grow (any ideas for uses for these things are appreciated!)
Clay helping with the effort:
Put in a new garden today that is primarily for rhubarb and herbs and flowers, and will probably also be for brassicas, since I read they are good companion plants with rhubarb. Hopefully these are far enough away from the black walnut trees so they can actually grow. There will be a second garden just to the right of this one, leading up to a little fort the girls like to play in - it will probably have impatiens and hostas and other pretty things that like shade:
Now I am dirty with sweat from digging and horse manure and compost from finishing the garden and think it's time to call it a day :)


momma rae said...

we dyed silks with them last year. not sure what else good they are. ;)

Earth Angel Mumma said...

I've not heard of planting rhubarb and brassicas together, but I do know of placing sticks of rhubarb in the soil between cabbage plants ward off club root. Let me know how this goes.
The other compnion planting that works well is to plant orange nasturtiams with brassicas. Aphids HATE orange nasturtiams.

TaraChristiane said...

I love the idea of a breakfast sandwich made on waffles! I'm no help with the walnut dilemma. I do remember amusing myself for hours making messes with them when I was a kiddo.

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