Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Day

Another beautiful day of Summer!
Kids playing catch:
Finished new gardens. Borders from colorful cinderblock pieces from a rubble pile. Center of bigger garden is the rhubarb which will eventually spread. For now the extra space is filled by flowers and herbs from the local discount store. The back, smaller plot has hostas and other shade-lovers. It leads up to the girls' hide-out beneath the privet branches...
Eggplant waiting to be picked:
A little friend examining the carrots ready to be pulled, but won't be for a little while longer as I have a bunch in the kitchen and these are good to stay in the ground until i need them:
Cooling off (redneck style):
A mass of children run to get some late afternoon treats of peanut butter & cocoa swirl cookies ~~
My kids are off to a *very* long sleep-over while B and I go to Phish in Raleigh and Charlotte. Then I'm taking the kids to a third show in Atlanta, and to visit some friends that just moved down there! So excited to see those friends, see my phish friends, and boogie down to my favorite tunes!!
~~ Have a great weekend everyone ~~

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Earth Mama said...

That sounds like a fun plan! Just the two of you...have fun!


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