Monday, July 5, 2010

A new trip around the Sun for Reed!!

Happy Birthday to my Reed-a-roo! This guy turns 7 today and couldn't be happier about it :) He's glad to be home after a few days of travelling, and just in time for fire works and birthday celebration. I've enjoyed all the time I've had to watch him grow and be part of each other's lives, can't wait to see what the next year brings for this guy (he's hoping to finally get those front teeth in)!!

Newborn Sandwich:

Mischievous on the loft ladder in Colorado:

Ice Cream stop on Chicago roadtrip (2005)
Grove Park Inn:

Buncombe County Fair (2007-ish)
Music On The Mountaintop Festival - 2009
On Reed's 7th Birthday - showing off his Lego collection:


Kim Clontz said...

Happy birthday to Reed!

Wow, our boys are really close in age! Jake turned 10 the day before Clay did and Zack will be 7 in 12 days.


organic tribe said...

LOVE the old pics of baby Reed! So sweet!

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