Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Party Time!

Reed's party was great - only a minor amount of stressing from me, which was resolved by my letting go of a few projects I wanted to have done for the party. Reed likes having his parties at home - he requested a small amount of friends, pizza and water balloons (this kid's easy!)

We got a $2 pinata from a thrift store and filled it with fun stuff from the Dollar Tree. Here the kids are sharing their finds to make sure everyone got what they wanted:
Happy boy!

It was B's birthday as well, he got a mocha stout chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing. The recipe is here. The cake is freakin delicious!!
A blurry photo, but it's the spread - Reed wanted Little ceasars pizz. Also had fresh veggies, crackers, figs, lychee berries, strawberries, blueberries, keylime pie, and the 2 cakes.
Mama Shonna coming to pick up leah and definitely enjoying some stout cake:
Kids looking their birthday best:

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