Saturday, June 26, 2010

Skate Camp and Reed Time

If you haven't already seen my daily schedule - it's ridiculous! Really, I buy the large print, office size calendar, and each big square day is filled with notes, daycare kids' schedules, homeschool activities, playdates, classes, around-town happenings, etc. I make sure to get lots of just me-and-my-boys time, but a very rare time is when I get one-on-one time with one of my boys. It finally worked out that Clay had been in day camp all week, and I had a 2-hr slot before we picked him up on the last day, and there were no friends over or daycare kids. Inspired by my friend Bryce, we had a date :) Reed decided to go to Fun Depot - the mecca of weird lighting, noisy games, greasy food, screaming kids, over-valued prizes ... what kid wouldn't love it?!?
My guy beating me at mini golf ~
And totally stoked about his new slap bracelet he won (way cooler than this new silly bandz fad, in my opinion :)
At lunch time, the families of campers were invited to come hang out at the skate park, have pizza and see what their kids had been doing all week. Clay did camp at the skate park in downtown. It was just our style, with free skating the entire time, and adults present to give the kids tips and help them if the kids were ready to try something new. Clay did his first 6-foot drop-in this week!!

Camp buddies (good and sweaty from a long hot day of skateboarding) - and Clay with his new deck from his Birthday:
Clay riding the concrete waves on the 4 & 5 foot ramps:

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