Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Parks

Found a new skate park right in town! A real hidden gem, as it is free (the main one in asheville has a fee), low-key (great for our not-so-pro boarders), has shaded parking, and has an adjacent playground with shade, so great for all the kids :)
Went with some good friends

How many kids can you fit in a plastic hippo?
The admiring girls on the side lines


momma rae said...

good for you!! that looks like a great place....especially for free! the pic of the girls on the sidelines cracks me up!! that was me downtown at vance monument....but not until high school. these gals have a jump start! ;)

Lisa Marie said...

Can kids ride bikes on that park? Rory and Arden are into their bikes and wanting to do jumps on bikes...

On a side note, we need to have a get-together with all the boys!

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