Wednesday, May 2, 2012


All projects have to start somewhere - even if it's a small start, it still feels good to see beginnings of progress.  The strawberries are producing a handful a day - this is from the off-shoots of our 1 plant last year that survived the move, so next year hopefully we'll have a basket-full a day!

 She says, "Stop taking my picture, mama!  Let me eat my berries in peace!"
This years starts are ready to be put in the ground, I believe...
The guys built a half-fence around the veggie garden.  We were thinking the hens only get into the garden from close to their coop, so we'd experiment with the fence only being on the side of their coop.  Well, it took them about 2 hours to figure it out... see them on the trellis next to the pink flowers?  They think they're hot stuff for sure.
We shooed 'em outta the garden, and look how big and pretty they're getting at 8 weeks!
Plums are starting to fatten up, too...
 I just turn my back for a second, and of course ZB's found mischief to get into :)
We're feeling good about the little farm beginnings, and yet have no time to dwell on them because a full-fledged toddler is emerging, and needing a "watchful eye" nearly always ;)  Love to all~

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