Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Around Town ... and back home again

We had a really fun weekend - there were two festivals in downtown on Sunday.  One was called the Tiny Tykes festival which was cute and was for the under 5 crowd.  We met up with some of ZB's baby buddies there and played in sand, made music, toddled around and listened to a fun kids' musician.
"Here, let me help you with that"
ZB has to be where the action is!
Even if it's not the popular place to be:

Then we headed over to a much larger festival called "Big Love", a go-local kind of Asheville festival  - great music, drink, vendors, etc.  I gave the kids $5 each and told them not to go beyond the festival limits.  Reed can find his own way to break rules, though :)
Around the farm, there is much activity, per usual!  We got several new friends today!  These are Khaki Campbell ducks - they will be great egg-layers, and don't need a pond, though they do have fun in water, so thye'll get a kiddy pool when they're older.  For now they're a week old, and they are super cute (and super messy!)
It's a fun time of year to watch all the plants pop up - especially new ones (to us)... like sweet potato slips I'm starting in the kitchen...
We've grown garlic for years now, but B wanted to try a new variety, this one is classified as hardneck.  We usually grow softneck.  They had really neat scapes that grew out of the tops.  We had to cut them off, so the garlic underground can finish fattening up for harvest.  The scapes themselves are mighty tasty, though!

We're also getting all organized and packed up to go to our favorite local festival, LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival).  We'll camp there for 4 days, and ZB was just dying to lend a hand:

With her new-found ability to climb on tables, I'm not sure how much of a help it really was, but she's still darn cute :)  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Sadie said...

We have one Khaki Campbell duck, she's about 2 years old now and still lays an egg a day. She's been much more consistent than any chicken we've ever had!

We are newly local- and I can see I should keep a better eye out for local happenings!

Allison said...

Hi Julie-
Happy Mother's Day. We've got khaki campbells in kindergarten this spring. We hatched the eggs in incubators and will host them for another week before they return to the farm. so sweet.
Much love to you and family,

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