Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bath Time

The weather is warm and everyone seems to want to be in the water!  ZB has nearly grown out of her little Rubbermaid bathtub - time to use the real thing, I think!

Our cute ducks are a few weeks old now, and love to have water play time!  Khaki Campbells are not the type of duck to need a pond, but they sure do enjoy splashing around.
The bad news about the ducks is that we are now down to only 2 :(  We've had two recent hawk attacks on the ducks.  We live across the street from a huge field, so there are naturally a lot of hawks, but now that they've seen our little baby bird buffet, we have a problem!  For now, the babies are confined to the enclosed run during the day.  They can free range a little at around dusk - the hawks don't seem to be out then.  The hawks also haven't bothered the chickens at all.  Hopefully the ducks will get big enough that the hawks won't mess with them - in the meantime, if any readers have any hawks deterring tips, I'm glad to hear them!

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