Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day

Earth Day Asheville 2012~
Our first stop was Nest Organics shop in downtown.  They were participating in an attempt to make the world record for the number of cloth diapers changed at one time.  It was terribly cute to see all these cloth-diapered bottoms toddling around.  And miss socialite ZB had a blast meeting everyone :)
Then we met some friends and walked down to the festivities - music, booths, kids area, good beer!  I just wish they could have held it in a city park like they have in the past - a street festival just felt kinda dirty.  But fun was had anyhow :)
We stopped for some eats at the ever-delicious Mellow Mushroom - where I could at least have somewhere for ZB to sit down for a while, and I could sit back and not worry about her running off in the street!
  Now the festival is over, and we are hunkering down for an unusually cold Spring night.  The blueberries and figs and such are all covered up with sheets, as it is supposed to freeze tonight - yikes!  Stay warm, y'all!

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