Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Road Trip

Yippee - we got a new car! Well, new to me, and certainly newer than the '93 Toyota minivan I've been driving for the last 9 years. At 264,000 miles, I was ready to move on! I guess it's not the norm to add a new baby to the family and get a smaller car, but that what we did anyhow. I went down to a Honda Accord sedan. It's not that often that all 5 of us are in the car at once, and only 1 person is in a carseat now. I really wanted better gas mileage, and found this little beauty for a great deal on craigslist... plus, I got to re-learn how to drive a stick shift!
** I'll add a photo tomorrow ;) **

In honor of having a road-worthy car again, we drove to Charlotte for Easter weekend. I made my usual thrift store stops along the way, and got some great inventory (gotta love those big city thrift stores!) Then we headed to my brother & sister-in-law's house. My only regret from the weekend is that we didn't get any photos of all the cousins together! Ugh! Well, I've got lots of the baby, so I guess that'll have to do :)

My little nephews are sweet as pie! Corrin is 2 and was digging having little ZB there to get into mischief with him - they thought it was a party as soon as the air-mattresses were brought out -
Aunt Julia didn't disappoint with her cute easter baskets. And Uncle Scott was excited to get to stage a multi-difficulty-level egg hunt. And of course the boys were excited about it all - especially the candy part ;)
ZB discovered the joy of the little plastic car that she can climb in. She played with it for quite a while last night, and then during the Easter egg hunt, made a bee-line to it ... good thing Uncle Scott hid an egg in the car - at least she found one egg.
After church, we spent most of the day outdoors ...
We all love that they live right next to a fun playground...

We came back to the house and the boys rolled around in the hammock (literally, doing rolls - oh, I don't know how that poor hammock is still hanging), I got to garden with Corrin and snuggle with cutie little 7 month old Hudson, and even help Julia make a fabulous grilled lamb dinner - yum!!
Thanks for having us Scott & Julia (and kids) - a great place to take our first road trip in quite some time!

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Carry said...

Celebrating a new car with a road trip is fitting. It's feels great to bond with family, and the trip does provide an opportune moment to understand how the new vehicle handles, right? Well, may you have more road trips with that!

--Carry Demaggio

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