Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Spring '09

Whew - can't believe it's Summer already! Before I get ahead of myself, I'd better throw in the last of our Spring pics!

Here's yet another thing I love about North Carolina - when it rains, it is WARM! Colorado rain was very cold - here we can go out and play :)

Clay, Reed, Leah, Mountain Laurel and I went on a short hike on the Warren Wilson College campus one day - this was a great one by their farm, through the little bamboo forest, and of course along a creek - even though the water was chilly, the kids couldn't resist going for a dip...

We love our music, and sure get alot of it in these mountains~ here's when I took the kids to a special kids performance by The Lee Boys - my boys mostly sat down with some friends, but the two daycare girls I brought danced like it was going out of style!

And I got to go to Phish!!! The Asheville tickets were HARD to get, and I actually broke down and paid more than face value - but if you know me, you know that I've spent so much time following Phish around the country that I couldn't *not* go when they played in my home town. It was a very small venue (7,000) and they've been on a break for several years now - this show sold out in about 1 minute. When I finally got my ticket, I admittedly drank a bit too much to celebrate and could be heard yelling "I got my ticket!!" on the streets downtown hahah! Didn't get any pics in the show, but it was fantastic!! Also went to see them in Knoxville the next nite - most of these photos are from our phun time in Knoxville :)

Made some delicious blackberry syrup in an effort to use our neighbor Tater's blackberries he froze from last Summer (since they're nearly ripe this season already!), and also have seen quite a few lovely rainbows right over our house this Spring!

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