Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LEAF Spring 09

It's that time of year again - time for Lake Eden Arts Festival in Black Mountain, NC! We had so much fun... as always I volunteered doing pre-fest set-up so we could get in for free. The boys are at a nice age now that they can navigate their way around the festival grounds by themselves, know where the lost kids tent is, know who to talk to if they're lost, etc. So for most of the day they can do their own thing - which is typically going to friends' campsites, playing at the beach of the lake, climbing trees, or playing frisbee or soccer. The boys and I would meet up a few thru the day for meals and to go do things together - we saw breakdancing by Hunab Krewe, participated in the crazy giant puppet parade with the African dancers and drummers, do a Kung Fu class, Clay even went down the GIGANTIC waterslide (seriously, it's off-the-side-of-a-mountain-huge)!!!

They also spent time with other families and went to the Elfhaven childcare area so I could go out and have some grown-up fun, too :) Got to dance to the Asheville Horns, the Lee Boys, Travelin' McCoury's and do a bunch of contra dancing...

Us with Shonna & Leah

On Friday morning it rained so hard that we went home for a bit - and on our way back we got a flat tire. ugh! we felt silly spending beautiful sunshine festival time at the tire shop haha!

Pictures from the camp site:
Laz willing away the rain clouds

Zane being cute all snuggled up early morning:

Robert & Chandra making having tarp bonanza time with not only kids from our camp but lots of kids that just ran out of the woods to join in :)

Reed and Leah kickin back for a minute:

See that dark speck up near the top? That's Clay (it's a good thing he's more coordinated than his mama!)

Lake Play & Sand City:

Clay figuring out the Chinese yo-yo (he LOVED this thing!)

A couple views around the grounds taken from the foot bridge to a little island:

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