Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Merry Spring & Happy Easter to all our lovely friends! We had some friends over today to do an Easter Egg hunt and potluck.
The kids and a couple grown-ups went walking down to the Richmond Hill Inn gardens while the Easter bunny hid eggs.

Then the hunt commenced, and our good friends stayed to share the whole afternoon with us :)

After everyone left, I decided to pull out the old brick sidewalk that was hiding under our deck, and make a border for my shade garden with it...

Also, wanted to document the dilapidated deck on this house - we are set to tear it down in a couple weeks and 2 of the neighbors are going to help build a nice stone patio there - notice the chicken wire between rails to attempt code, the random blue spray paint, the missing hand rail, and the drop-off on the side that I think was for an above ground pool at one time - if this deck could talk! haha!

Then I started walking around the yard, just appreciating all the new blooms and growth from all this wonderful rain and warmer weather!




looking up through the flower-covered dogwood at dusk


In my effort to fully appreciate this lovely day, especially since it will start raining again tomorrow - took some random pics around the yard ...

Reed creating, climbing and being a goof

Fort/jail built by Clay out of cherry wood I pruned last week

Chloe we are dog-sitting, here she's having her own easter egg hunt to find any remnant of hard-boiled eggs around the yard :)

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Shannon said...

What a gorgeous and fun day you had! Love all the pictures, Julie. :)

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