Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Clay Turns 9!!

Oh my goodness, how time flies! This child is 9 years old already - seems like not so long ago he was that cute little toddler, so quiet and cautious - he could spend hours going through his dad's toolbox or looking at his favorite book (which was Clifford the Big Red Dog, by the way :). Now he's halfway to 18 - yikes! He's totally into Legos, he has a whole room in the house devoted to lego creations. He's also a man about yu-gi-oh and his Nintendo DS. He's such a great kid, it's been a pleasure getting to watch him grow!

For his birthday, he wanted to branch out from our typical lots-of-families kind of party... he wanted an all-boy, no parents party! He said the theme was "boys gone wild"! hahah!! Two other mamas and 1 little sister did stay to hang out (thank you!), the boys' dad came, as well as my mom and her friend Tim being there. There were 19 boys, they had a campfire to roast marshmallows & hot dogs, they had a nerf gun vs. water gun fight, an impromptu game of baseball, some serious yu-gi-oh and bakugan trading, and some general rowdiness!

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Anonymous said...

I forgot to get Clay his special birthday gift. An all expense paid trip to the barber shop where he gets to have a crew cut. If he grows any more hair, it'll be coming out of his nose!

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