Friday, June 6, 2014

Shaving Cream Mayhem

ZB's favorite activity lately has been body painting.  Maybe inspired by Daddy's tattoos, maybe the paint just feels nice and cool.  I don't know, but at some point in the day, we find paint on her.  Maybe just some on her arms, maybe a full body paint.  It's kinda her thing.  If we are having a day at home, this is typically how ZB may look (here she is getting ready to dash away yelling, "ZOOM!") :

We had some friends over today, and I have been wanting to do some projects with shaving cream, so this seemed a good day to do it.  We dripped liquid watercolors into the shaving cream with eye droppers, marbled it with toothpicks, pressed paper on it and scraped the cream off  of the paper to reveal beautiful marbled colors.
Not all of the kids were so attentive to their project, though... or perhaps had a different project in mind...
I'm glad the older kids each did the marbling, because the scene quickly transformed into shaving cream sculpting!  The assortment of liquid watercolors was a very nice touch.
I think the shaving cream was definitely a hit!  For $1.50 a can, I am a fan as well :)  There are lots of art projects online that use shaving cream, I'm sure we'll trying more soon.  For now, time to clean up!

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