Sunday, June 29, 2014

Orchard Lake Campground

This weekend, we gathered up a sweet group of friends and all our camping gear and headed to nearby Saluda to camp at Orchard Lake Campground.  Not only is a beautiful location, it also is all activities included!

We were with 6 other families who all had kids.  We all loved that our campsites were right next to a shaded playground.  It was also a short walk to the and other activities.  All the kids loved the zipline (the toddlers did a shortened version).  The main draw was the lake.
Here's Reed canoeing.  He and Clay and their friends spent hours and hours and hours at the lake - swimming and boating.  There was also a rec room with pool, foozball, and the like, right next to the lake.  So, we really didn't see them much during the weekend.  The little kids loved the lake just as much, though!
ZB got to take her first (and second and third) boat ride:
Learning how to paddle, singing "Row Your Boat" over and over, feeling the underside of lilly pads and imagining what creatures might live in the water were all things to consider.
We'll definitely be visiting here again!  Reed wants to try golfing next time.  We've plotted out which sites we'll get next time, and found which things we packed did and didn't go over well (tricycle did not work on gravel, but giant bubbles were a big hit!)

It was pretty great that the whole weekend went off so smoothly with all the families and little kids involved.  Hopefully the poison ivy outbreaks stay at a minimum and the good memories shine through!

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