Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New and Old

Blossom went to her first day of school today!  Well, sort of.  She will be going to half-day preschool one day a week in the Fall.  This week and next week, both boys are with their grandparents in Memphis, and the preschool was offering a Summer camp this week, so we thought Blossom would like to attend.  The theme is "Rainbows" - perfect!  She was so excited to attend, and came home talking about the crafts they made, the things they played and the songs that they sang.  She's excited for another day tomorrow!
Dressed herself for her first day of "Rainbow Class":

And now for the old.  Well, to you it will be new, but she's invented this about 6 months ago, I just finally got her to do it for the camera!  And now, I present, Blossom, The One-Girl Band:

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