Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dollywood and Home Again

We finally got our sweet boys home!  Two weeks was the longest they've been away from home.  They had a great time in Memphis, and Bobby did lots of projects around the house!  Not only did he repaint the living room (turquoise!), but also painted the boy's bathroom and gave them a new toilet, and the most work went into completely remodeling our bathroom.  My favorite part is after nearly 2 years of the initial start of the project (tearing things out), there is now tile floor, which means I can clean it!  So, pretty much Bobby's a rock star :)  Here's some before and after :

When I picked up the boys in Tennessee, we spent the night in Pigeon Forge and used our season passes for Dollywood & Splash Country (the big Christmas present last year, which a couple other family friends bought also so we can all go together). 
Dollywood has fireworks every night, which were fun, and then the next day the boys went with their friends to Splash Country and ZB and I had a little-kid day at Dollywood... she loved it!
We went to two shows (the Gazillion Bubbles show and a play of "The Little Engine that Could"), and she just adored that she could go on rides of her own!
Then she had a great time playing in the designated play areas for young kids.

The weather was nice and overcast, and with the high chance of rain, the park was not at all crowded.  We happily avoided rain and everyone had a great day :)

 A couple chicken pics before I end this post!  I've struck up a friendship with a guy who brews beer in huge quantities.  He calls us when he's brewing and we go pick up the grains he's used for brewing, in trade for a couple dozen eggs for his family.  The chickens are in heaven, and I appreciate the free (local & organic) food!
Here's they are munching away, under our hops vines (which I will hopefully use for our own homebrew this Summer)
Have a great week!

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