Friday, February 26, 2010

Daytrip to South Carolina

We drove 1-1/2 hrs south today to Greenville, South Carolina to volunteer in Disney's "Give a Day, Get a Day" program. You basically volunteer with random organizations and get a free ticket to disney world! There weren't too many opportunities for young ones to volunteer, that's why we had to drive out of town. It was a nice day and tons of families showed up to help - I think 70 people in all, lots of homeschoolers. We spent 2 hours cleaning the grounds of an elementary school - not too shabby :)

We decided to spend the rest of the day in Greenville's new Children's Museum! This place was fairly pricey, but so cool - it was worth the cost for an occasional visit. 3 stories, geared for the older set (6-11 years). We spent 4 hours there, and the boys were game for more, I was just ready for home.

Other things we did that were faves but not photographed were the TV studio, the stop motion animation station, the Blue Man exhibit, the garage band music room, the cafe, and this *huge* round room that was called the "do anything" room - nothing at all in the room except carpet - a big hit :)

Reed on the 2-story climbing structure:
Clay was smiling the whole time! Here he is on a pulley chair:
Rock climbing, looking out over downtown Greenville:
One of my personal favorites - the gigantic Lite Brite!!
Computer controlled robot tic-tac-toe
Reed getting to work in the construction zone
Clay becoming one with the Reedy River exhibit
This is actually one of the toddler play areas, but the museum was practically empty, so Reed had a go - I think that water fountain table with little built-in baby seats is the cutest thing EVER!

Had to share a sweet little thrift store find from a couple days ago! This is the 1969 Family House from Fisher Price Little People sets. It was filthy and full of cobwebs, but after some tedious scrubbing the house is ready to join our funny little collection of vintage FP. The daycare kids and my own really love this stuff and I'm kicking myself for giving away the complete farm set we had for Clay when he was a baby. This is the little house - (pretty dirty here)
You can see such a huge difference even when I just scrubbed the garage roof:
The kids couldn't wait to bring it into the mix (and some playmobil guys like to hang and play basketball with the little people - it's all good - we don't discriminate)

Have a lovely weekend everyone! It should be beautiful - can't wait to go soak up some sunshine (but honestly, we've been so busy lately that just sitting around and being lazy sounds good, too)

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