Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Prodigal Stanley Returns

Wow - of all things to arrive in our mailbox, I did *not* expect to see any more Flat Stanleys... but lo and behold, a nice crisp manilla envelope arrived bearing our long-lost friend :)

This is "Spikey Bat Stanley" that Reed made. It was sent to Bend, Oregon almost exactly 2 years ago. Spikey Bat had quite the adventure. He played in Oregon for a bit, but his host family was unexpectedly transferred to Virginia. He and his family missed Oregon, so went back for vacation - but eventually Spikey Bat Stanley got homesick for Asheville and came back.

Here's his pictures from his extended stay - thanks to the Lippy family for taking such good care of our friend for such a long time!!

Caving and playing in the mountains of Bend, OR.

Exploring the Oregon coast.

and other random oregon fun spots...

In the plane to Virginia as well as enjoying rainy Virginia days:

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