Sunday, February 21, 2010

~~sunshine on my shoulder~~

ahhh... sun! i missed you so!

We're going on 3 days of sunshine now - woohoo! Last friday was the first day of sun and warmth, and the kids were excited to rush outside and soak it up!

Clay cheesin it up on the disc swing...

it's good having a big brother around to help you out..

A great thing about doing inhome childcare is that there's always friends to play with!

Here's a sweet little friend of ours who desperately wanted that last block of ice way down in the bucket

Boys were COVERED with mud by the time they came inside!

Surely the coolest tree we have in this yard! Reed is working on his branch fort behind the tree..

From the habit of moving to a new house every year or so, I'm getting pretty pro now at putting up new gardens, compost, etc. on the cheap. I was super excited to find these pallets being tossed out near the house - they are solid! Definitely they were handmade, so a little funky looking, but I love that compost won't be falling out of the sides! I think I might drill some more holes in for aeration. Also, these were a softer wood than most pallets, so easy for me to nail together. To make these, just nail the 3 sides together. Then drill holes for metal clothes hangers to fit through to attach the front side. You can also attach hardware cloth (like very small chicken wire) to the bottom and dig it down so it goes 6" deep around the sides. I have done this with other bins and may do it here, but for now I'm pleased to see the neighborhood cats keeping good patrol, so i don't think I'll have to worry about little mousies sneaking in for a snack :)

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